Grants - Cost Share


CDRC follows Federal and  OHSU cost sharing guidelines. Cost Sharing is a portion of the costs of a project not borne by the sponsor, for example, when a department shares  the costs of funding the project.

There are several types of Cost Share, including:

  1. Mandatory, which is legally binding and required by Funder
  2. Voluntary, which is not required by the Funder but becomes legally binding once application is submitted to Funder.

Cost share match can be based on several methods, including:

  1. Effort (e.g. 5% of a person's effort)
  2. Percentage of total project costs (e.g. 1% of total project costs)



  1. PI determines if Funder requires Mandatory Cost Share and checks appropriate box on PPQ
  2. PI determines if there is need for Voluntary Cost Share and informs GCO
  3. PI completes the Cost Share Agreement Form and obtains appropriate signatures. If cost share is to be borne by non-CDRC departments, PI obtains appropriate departmental signatures
  4. PI provides to GCO Cost Share details to be included in budget
  5. PI provides completed and signed form to GCO with PPQ and draft budget
  6. If funded, PI monitors Cost Share requirement to ensure the requirement will be met by the end of the budget period.
  7. All Committed Cost Shares' are reflected in Effort commitment and the Effort Certification Statements