Grant Budgets


The purpose of the budget is to provide the Funder with a specific breakdown of proposed project costs. The PI should adhere to the budget requirements as described in the Funder's Submission Guidelines/ RFP/PA. IRO requires an Excel spreadsheet with itemized direct costs (personnel and other project expenses), indirect costs, and total costs to be provided. An example of a budget is available for reference.



  1. PI provides preliminary budgetary information for their grants analyst to draft budget.
  2. PI works with their grants analyst to further develop the budget to meet Funder's requirements.
  3. If Funder has a policy requiring the use of an Indirect cost rate that differs from OHSU's federally negotiated rate, the PI provides documentation.
  4. PI secures all necessary documents if project includes outgoing subawards.
  5. PI secures necessary approvals and signed documents if project includes cost share, F&A waiver, reduction, split, or less than federally negotiated rate (see#3).
  6. PI approves draft budget to route with PPQ.
  7. PI approves final budget for submission to RGC 15 business days before due date.
  8. If funded, the submitted budget is used for setup according to the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) unless changes are required.