Grants Budget Justification


The purpose of the budget justification is to provide the Funder with a written description of proposed project costs.



  1. PI adheres to the budget justification requirements as described in the Funder's Submission Guidelines/ RFP/PA.
  2. PI drafts budget justification based on budget and budget categories for the first year of funding. If costs differ in subsequent years, make a note of that in the justification.
  3. PI provides details If project includes Cost Share.
  4. PI lists and describes expenses in the same order as they appear in the accompanying budget.
  5. PI provides details if a Modified Indirect Cost Rate is used to determine base (i.e. if equipment, outgoing subawards greater than $25,000, tuition).
  6. PI should list personnel as Person Months in Budget Justificaiton if Funder wants staff commitment expressed Person Months.