Travel Advances


Travel Advances are available to OHSU employees within 30 days prior to departure to cover the cost of incidental out-of-pocket expenses. Travel Advances should be requested at least four weeks prior to travel. An employee may only have one Travel Advance at a time.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines.

  1. PI or Traveler downloads and completes current Travel Advance Request Form.

  2. PI signs

  3. PI or Traveler routes Travel Advance Requests Form to the GCO with the following materials attached:

    • Business Agenda
    • Any other information applicable to advanced expense ( hotel reservation, etc.)
  4. GCO processes and forwards to the Business Office
  5. Traveler receives Travel Advance in following bi-weekly paycheck
  6. Upon completion of travel, Traveler reconciles Advance via the Travel Reimbursement Request Form and attaches all applicable receipts.