GCO: Telecom


Telecom costs are usually treated as an indirect cost (per OMB-Circular A-21), however, telecom expenses can be allowed if they can be specifically identified and assigned with relative ease and with a high degree of accuracy to a particular sponsored project.


  1. PI to determine if Telecom expenses are allowable for a specific project. Examples of Telecom Costs are:
    • Local Calls/Line Charge
    • Long Distance Calls
    • Voicemail Boxes
    • Pagers
    • Cell Phones
    • Fax Lines
    • Calling Cards
  2. PI provides GCO with justification for Telecom expense
  3. PI requests Telecom setup from
  4. PI reviews telecom bills routinely and informs  and  if changes to telecom accounts should be made
  5. At the beginning of all project years in a multi-year award, PI and GCO inform Tammy Neil about all telecom charges to the account, i.e. whether to continue or discontinue telecom accounts.
  6. At account closeout, PI informs  and