A stipend is a payment or an allowance for services rendered. Typically, stipends are given to students who participate in internships at OHSU.


Stipend Budgeting

  1. PI includes Stipend payments during budget development phase
  2. PI includes health fees and health insurance costs as described by the OHSU Student Health Service
  3. PI to include expense for Intern ID badges. ID badges are only allowed if the resident does not continue working at OHSU after their internship is completed.
    PI ensures a Cost Transfer Form be completed if an intern maintains employment after completing internship.

Stipend Payments

  1. PI contacts  to setup Non-Employee ID
  2. PI downloads and completes Stipend Payment Request Form*
  3. PI signs and routes to GCO
  4. GCO approves and routes for signature from CDRC Fiscal Authority
  5. GCO routes to SPA

*Social Security Numbers are required for the processing of Student Stipends, when there is no known SSN for a stipend payee, 14% is withheld from each payment as an allowance for possible taxes owed. Once the SSN is received, any taxes paid over and above what was actually owed will be reimbursed to the student.