GCO: Petty Cash


Petty Cash is a small amount of discretionary funds in the form of cash and is maintained by a Petty Cash Custodian. A common use of Petty Cash is for participant incentives (if participants are "research subjects, IRB approval is required).

Petty cash funds cannot be used to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines. It is the responsibility of the PI and Petty Cash Custodian to ensure that expenses are allowable.

  1. PI follows OHSU Petty Cash Policy and Procedures.
  2. PI and Petty Cash Custodian contact  in the CDRC Business Office to setup a Petty Cash account.
  3. GGO approves Petty Cash request before setting up Petty Cash Account on a grant.
  4. PI and Petty Cash Custodian must ensure that Petty Cash use adheres to the original intent of the petty cash account as stated during setup.
  5. If expenditure type is "Research Subjects," IRB approval is necessary. If not, expenditure type is "Miscellaneous Fees and Services."
  6. Petty Cash Custodian must secure PI and GCO signatures when reconciling Petty Cash account.
  7. Petty Cash Custodian must supply justification for expense.