Personal Services Contracts


A Professional Service Contract (PSC) is a specialized contract between OHSU and an individual or non-Federal entity used to acquire skills, knowledge, or professional expertise not normally available at the University. An Outgoing Subaward mechanism is used instead of a PSC if the entity is Federal or State, if there are Reporting Requirements, or if the use of Human Subjects will be part of the project.



  1. PI refers to all CDRC Business Office guidelines regarding PSCs
  2. PI completes the PSC Information Request Form and attaches scope of work
  3. PSC budget period must fall within current budget year of associated project
  4. PI signs form and submits completed form and scope of work to GCO
  5. GCO processes and forwards signed form to  in the CDRC Business Office.


  1. PIs provide PSC invoices to Brittany Kirkendall
  2. Brittany Kirkendall processes and routes for review and signature from GCO
  3. GCO tracks PSC encumbrances, invoices and unspent funds


  1. PI and GCO review unspent funds and "finally close" any PSC with unspent funds at closeout