GCO: Participant Incentives


Participant incentives are to compensate individuals who participate in sponsored project activities. Incentives are often small tokens of cash (Petty Cash) or pre-paid vendor cards (i.e. Fred Meyer, Target). Projects that distribute participant incentives for "research subjects" require IRB approval.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines.

There are three typical methods of obtaining incentives (whether cash or pre-paid cards):

  1. Cash disbursement via Petty Cash procedure
    • PI or designated Petty Cash custodian maintains petty cash account for disbursements
  2. Pre-paid cards via PORA procedure
    • PI completes PORA to request purchase of pre-paid vendor cards
  3. Pre-paid cards via out-of-pocket payment and reimbursement

Regardless of the method, it is the responsibility of the PI to properly store incentives and to administer and track payments.