Outgoing Subawards


OHSU issues Outgoing Subawards (sub outs) when another entity (i.e. Federal or State organization) is to perform a part of a project's scope of work. During the submission process, follow the Pre-Award Outgoing Subaward procedures.

The CDRC Outgoing Subaward Flowchart Process provides an illustrated overview of Outgoing Subawards during Pre- and Post-Award.


Contracting Process

  1. PI completes and submits Request for Subaward to GCO and confirms scope and budget.
    • PI provides Subawardee email contact on the Request for Subaward.

Invoice and Payment Process

  1. PI forwards any invoices received from Subawardee to  and .
  2. SPA creates Subaward Invoice Cover Memo and returns to GCO.
  3. GCO reviews, processes, and forwards to PI.
  4. PI reviews, approves, and signs Subaward Invoice Cover Memo and returns to GCO.
  5. GCO routes to CDRC's Fiscal Authority for review and signature.
  6. GCO processes and submits to SPA for final payment.