No-Cost Extensions


A No-Cost Extension allows extra time to complete the scope and objectives of the project without additional funds being provided by the sponsor. The request should be requested within 30 days prior to the project end date and should state the requested new end date. PI should follow any guidance from the Funder. If no Funder guidance is provided, PI follows OHSU guidance for No-Cost Extension Requests.


  1. PI downloads and completes theNo-Cost Extension Request Form .
  2. PI follows instructions regarding NIH vs. Non-NIH requirements.
  3. PI routes completed form to GCO.
  4. If Non-NIH Project, PI provides GCO with a letter on OHSU Letterhead addressed to the funder with the following information:
    • Proposed Ending Date
    • Justification for extension
    • Expected funds remaining and their proposed use
    • PI Signature
    • Placeholder for RGC Institutional Authority Signature
  5. GCO reviews and routes for final processing.