Labor Distribution


Labor Distribution shows the history of accounts from which an employee was paid over a given time period. Distribution must be setup for each new grant account and every year of multi-year awards. Monthly PI Reports show Labor Distribution on each grant account and should be reviewed regularly by PIs. Adjustments must be made to the Labor Distribution when incorrect distribution is identified.


  1. Upon setup of project account, GCO coordinates labor distribution with PI and Tammy Neil. Submitted budget is used for account setup unless informed otherwise by PI.
  2. PI confirms Labor Adjustment has been completed.
  3. GCO works with Tammy Neil to maintain proper labor distribution.
  4. If labor is adjusted incorrectly, PI contacts GCO immediately to discuss any required adjustments to Labor Distribution.
  5. If labor adjustment is required for effort more than 90 days prior to adjustment, GCO completes Labor Cost Transfer Approval (LCTA) form and routes for signatures.
  6. All labor distributions and adjustments should be accurately reflected in that period's Effort Certification Statement.