GCO: Honoraria


Honoraria is a gratuitous payment of money to an individual for his or her participation in an activity for which no fee is legally required such as lecturing, teaching, and sharing knowledge.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines.

  1. Honorarium should be requested prior to event in case alternate method of payment is required.
  2. PI downloads and completes current Honoraria Certification Statement Form.
    • Honorarium may not exceed $1,500
    • Honorarium over $1,500 requires a Professional Service Contract (PSC)
    • No more than three honorariums may be made to the same individual in a fiscal year
    • Honorarium is reportable by OHSU as income to the individual, thus the individual's social security number or tax ID number is required
  3. PI signs form and forwards to GCO for review and approval
  4. GCO processes and forwards to the Business Office

For more information, please see the OHSU Honorarium Process.