GCO: Fiscal Authority ID Charges (FAID)


A Fiscal Authority Identification Number (FAID) is assigned to a PI by the CDRC Business Office to allow the PI to expense internal charges directly to a project without obtaining a purchase order.

For example, a FAID is required by the OHSU Parking and Transportation Department when requesting ID badges for employees or parking passes.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines.

  1. PI informs GCO of expense prior to purchase, provide the following information:
    • Contact information and department requiring FAID
    • Justification for expense
    • Cost of expense
    • Date of event or expense
  2. GCO directly contacts the department that requires the FAID and provides the GCO assigned FAID.

Please note: Fiscal Authorities are not authorized to give their FAID number to CDRC staff.