Effort Certification Statement


The Federal Government mandates the completion of Effort Certification Statements (ECS) to verify that salaries and wages charged to or contributed to Sponsored Projects are reasonable and consistent with the portion of total professional activity committed to the projects. Failure to comply with Federal regulations regarding Effort Certification may result in reduced or terminated funding.

Every person who works in whole or in part on a Federally-Sponsored Project is required to certify effort. ECSs at OHSU are issued twice annually to cover the following effort periods:

  • January 1- June 30
  • July 1- December 30


  1. SPA issues ECS to Nancy Robinson Alfaro (CDRC's Department Effort Coordinator / DEC).
  2. GCO reviews, logs, and distributes forms.
  3. Employee reviews statement for accuracy, signs, dates form and returns ECS to GCO by stated deadline.
  4. Signing the report confirms that effort, as certified, reasonably represents the effort expended during the period.
  5. If Employee is unable to certify their statement, then a PI or Supervisor may review. It is critical that a person with first-hand knowledge of the employee's effort certify for the employee.
    • If PI or Supervisor certifies statement, that person must sign, print name, and date the form.
    • The PI or Supervisor must check on the form whether they serve as PI or Supervisor to the covered individual.
  6. Any questions or errors on the statement should be brought to the attention of the GCO immediately. The GCO will then assist in correcting any errors.


Helpful Information:

The ECS accounts for 100% of all effort for which the University compensates an individual. If an individual only work 30 hours for OHSU, the ECS will represent that time as 100% of 30 hours. The percentage of effort is based on the effort worked on each task divided by the total effort worked, not the number of hours worked.

Effort Certification Resources

SPA provides more information about the Effort Certification process at OHSU.