Travel & Conference Reimbursement


Travel Reimbursements are paid to the Traveler for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the business trip and are reimbursed following the trip.


Please note that all expenses charged to a grant must be allowable per OHSU and Federal guidelines.

  1. PI or Traveler downloads and completes any of the forms from the Employee Travel Reimbursement Page as necessary.
  2. Obtain PI Signature
  3. Route travel reimbursement requests to the GCO with any necessary materials attached, such as:
    • Business Agenda
    • Flight or other transportation agenda and receipts
    • Original Food receipts (if NOT taking per diem)
    • Zero Balance Hotel Bill
    • Original receipts for any other business costs incurred
  4. Use the Missing Receipt Waiver if you are unable to find receipts for reimbursement
  5. GCO will process and forward to the Business Office

Please Note: