Computers and Peripherals


OHSU follows the Federal Government’s guidance regarding allowable expenses on federally sponsored projects; non-Federal Funders typically follow the same guidelines. It is the responsibility of the PI to determine whether computers and peripherals are allowable expenses on their sponsored project, or whether such a purchase would need to be an indirect cost.


  1. In the Pre-Award phase, PIs need to determine if computers and peripherals are an allowable cost according to OMB Circulars and the funder’s RFA, and if the computer and peripherals will be used principally to complete that  project’s scope of work (i.e not used for other projects, unrelated CDRC or OHSU business, nor personal activities).
  2. If determined to be an allowable cost, the computer and peripherals need to be written into the budget and adequately justified in the budget narrative.
  3. NOTE: listing computers and peripherals in budgets and budget narratives of funded projects does not necessarily guarantee that they are allowable costs.
  4. In the Post-Award phase of a project, it is the responsibility of the PI to adhere to all CDRC, OHSU, Funder, and Federal guidelines regarding use of computers and peripherals purchased on sponsored projects.