Account Setup


An account can be setup when an official award letter is received from the Funder or when a contract has been fully executed (all compliance requirements must be met prior to account setup). RGC initiates the account setup and SPA finalizes.


  • RGC receives Notice of Award from Funder and initiates compliance review and account setup process.
  • RGC forwards paperwork to SPA where account is setup and Oracle number (GCDRC####) and alias are assigned.
  • SPA sends Notice of OGA Award Setup (NOGA) to PI and GCO.
  • Submitted budget is used for account setup unless informed otherwise by PI.
  • GCO requests Labor Distribution to be made. Labor is adjusted as listed in submitted budget unless informed otherwise by PI.
  • PI confirms Labor Adjustment has been completed.
  • PI contacts Tammy Neil in the Business Office to setup telephone access and photocopy codes.
  • Accounts cannot be setup without completed PPQ.