Elena Andresen


elena andresen

Professor, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine                                                                                                                                                                  



Current Roles/Project:

  • Oregon Health & Science University, Portland: 7/2011-present. Chief, Disability  & Health Research Group, Institute on Development & Disability, Professor, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, School of Medicine.
  • Portland State University, School of Community Health. Courtesy Faculty, 11/2012-present.
  • Oregon State University, College of Public Health & Human Sciences, School of Biological &
  • Population Sciences. Courtesy faculty. 5/2013-present.


Dr. Andresen has a background as a trained epidemiologist and also co-trained in health services research. Her research has been primarily in the areas of outcomes of chronic disease, disability, and in aging. This work has particular focus on assessing measures of patient-centered outcomes and health-related quality of life measures. Dr. Andresen also teaches graduate public health students.


B.A., Interdisciplinary (Spanish/History), University of Washington, Seattle, 1977.

M.A., History, University of Washington, Seattle, 1979.

Ph.D., Epidemiology, University of Washington, Seattle, 1991.

Grant Funding:

  • DHHS/ADD: "The University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities." PI D Lollar, PhD. Investigator 10% 7/11-6/15. Current year total $535,000.
  • NIDCD/NIH: "Collaborative Applied Research Supplement (Patient-Centered Research)." PI M Fried-Oken, PhD. Investigator 2% 7/1/12-6/30/13. Total $40,000
  • CDC: "Oregon Office on Disability & Health." PI EM Andresen, PhD, 12%.7/01/12-6/30/15.Total $900,000.
  • NIH/NICHHD: "Quantitation of Oral-Motor Function in Infants." PI R Rogers, MD. Investigator 10% 1/1/13-7/31/13. Total grant $1,754,786 from 9/24/10-7/31/13.
  • NCI/NIH: "Activating Rural Clinics & Women with Disabilities to Improve Cancer Screening (R21)." PI D Buckley, MD, MPH. 3/1/12-2/28/15. Total $275,000 direct. Role: Investigator (2%).

Memberships and Associations:

  • American Association on Health & Disability, American College of Epidemiology (Elected Fellow 2007),
  • American Public Health Association (Epidemiology & Disability sections),
  • Oregon Public Health Association (Epidemiology/Biostatistics & Disability section Board member),
  • International Society for Quality of Life Research (Director, Mentoring Subcommittee),
  • Society for Epidemiologic Research

Past Experience:

  • University of Washington: 1981-1984. Research Asst./Supervisor; Depts. Health Services, Medicine.
  • King County Emergency Medical Services (Seattle): 1984-1986. Research Manager.
  • University of Washington: 1986-1991. Teaching Asst./Assoc., Dept. Epidemiology. Research Asst./Assoc., CDC Center for Health Promotion in Older Adults, Dept. Health Services.
  • Veterans Administration Medical Center, Seattle: 1988-1991. Predoctoral Fellow, Health Service Research & Development Field Program.
  • University of Western Australia, Perth: 1989. Lecturer; epidemiology.
  • University of Rochester School of Medicine: 1991-1996. Asst. Professor, Dept. Community Preventive Medicine.
  • Saint Louis University School of Public Health: 1996-2004. Assoc. to Professor (tenured 1999). Division Director, Epidemiology.
  • Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center, VAMC: 2004-2007. Research Health Scientist, Gainesville Florida.
  • University of Florida College of Public Health & Health Professions, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics: 2004 – 7-2011. Professor & Founding Chair (7/2006-3/2010).
  • Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Colleges of Medicine; and Public Health & Health Professions (3/2010-7/2011).
  • National University of Singapore: 9/2011-10/2011. Visiting Professor; Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.

Publications: (Selected: of 115)

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