Stakeholder Engagement

The Center for Evidence-based Policy has a rich history of local, state, and national stakeholder engagement. The Center engages diverse stakeholders through collaborative processes that use data and evidence as levers to engineer approaches to address health policy challenges. We work to ensure that diverse and relevant perspectives are considered by engaging policy leaders, decisionmakers, and consumers. Through this approach, we achieve stakeholder buy-in and transparent decision-making, resulting in well informed, relevant, and actionable plans.  

Project TEAM
Project TEAM is dedicated to helping tribes and local governments create, implement and manage judicially-led joint jurisdiction collaborations. Our goals are to improve justice outcomes in the community, use resources more efficiently and effectively through collaboration and partnership, and to help repair traditionally difficult relationships between tribes and US governmental bodies. Go to the main project page here.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire has laid out an innovative approach to locally based engagement in health outcomes, bridging the state’s investments in Medicaid and Public Health to improve population health, improve care quality, and lower costs. The Center is currently working on behalf the State of New Hampshire to lead the stakeholder engagement process for advancement of its health transformation efforts. 

Texas Medical and Dental Decision Process 
Texas Medicaid has engaged the Center in assessing the State's Medicaid policy development process. The Center is working with key stakeholders to: develop goals and guiding principles for process improvements; develop an evidence-based decision-making framework that best meets the needs of Texas; create an ongoing process for evaluating and prioritizing Medicaid benefits, including the use of evidence-based strategies that streamline the process and provide implementation support and consultation to implement changes.

Washington State Health Technology Assessment 
Washington State Health Technology Assessment (WA HTA) evaluates selected health technologies using evidence-based reviews and an independent clinical committee. It strives to achieve better health care outcomes for enrollees and beneficiaries of state programs by paying for health technologies that work. In 2011, the Washington State Health Technology Assessment Program (WA HTA) commissioned the Center to conduct a review of similar programs and their components, and to complete a qualitative assessment of the WA HTA's existing stakeholder engagement efforts, making recommendations for enhancement. The Center's qualitative assessment included outreach to stakeholders to gather feedback about their understanding of and satisfaction with key WA HTA components, including: evidence and analysis; transparency of program processes; stakeholder engagement consistent with its legislative mandate; and achievement of program objectives identified in legislative mandate.