Products and Services

Collaboration represents one of MED’s greatest strengths. Semi-annual meetings, bi-weekly conference calls, and regular email exchanges provide a unique forum for MED participants and key staff to share ideas and collaboratively problem-solve common issues.

Rapid Consultation and Reports provide answers to urgent evidence and policy questions that arise during day-to-day work.

Evidence and Policy Summaries are quick turnaround synopses of select systematic reviews and technology assessments, payer policies and guidelines. These summaries also provide relevant ICD 9/10 and CPT codes.

Comprehensive Reports utilize systematic methods, including robust search strategies, critical appraisal, and extensive synthesis of the evidence. A search and review of clinical practice guidelines and a summary of current federal, state, and private payer policies are also included.

Policy Reports outline policy implications, existing coverage policies, external factors that states may wish to consider, and financial and economic considerations. A policy decision-making guide is included.

Full Systematic Reviews utilize systematic methods established by internationally recognized authorities such as the Cochrane Collaboration and the US Preventive Services Task Force. These reports identify, critically appraise and synthesize research to answer specific questions posed by policy-makers.

Weekly Updates provide timely information and evidence to participants by email. MED staff scans a wide breadth of journals and publications and then develops concise analyses for busy policy-makers.

The MED Information Clearinghouse compiles MED reports, federal, state, and private payer policies, news, and a discussion forum on a secure website. This site is available to participants and their agency staff.

Access to a nationally recognized vendor specializing in off-the-shelf evidence products is available through MED.