MED Purpose

Align goals and resources to enable states to achieve results and impact policy they may be unable to achieve individually, including: 
  1. Sponsoring evaluation, dissemination and sharing of independent objective evidence that will enable state Medicaid policy makers and other state health policy decision makers to develop health policy,
  2. Fostering a strong collaborative process to accelerate healthcare outcome improvements through sharing of best practices and problem solving,
  3. Enhancing the opportunity for transparency and decision-making in state coverage policies,
  4. Promoting Value Based Purchasing for Medicaid and other state agencies by utilizing the best available evidence and making it available, as appropriate, in each state to policy makers, purchasers, providers and consumers,
  5. Informing state and national efforts to improve health and clinical outcomes with evidence, and
  6. Maximizing the use of limited state resources through collaborative efforts and best evidence.