Medicaid Evidence Based Decisions Project (MED)


Foundations of MED

The MED Project was established at the Center for Evidence-based Policy in 2006 as a self governing collaboration of state Medicaid agencies and their partners. MED's mission is to provide policy-makers with the tools and resources they need to make evidence-based decisions. 

Purpose of MED

MED's primary purpose is to improve decision making in Medicaid programs by 

  • Producing independent and objective evaluations of clinical evidence to inform decisions made by policy-makers, purchasers, providers, and consumers.
  • Sharing best practices and engaging in collaborative problem-solving to accelerate improvements in healthcare outcomes and health system efficiency.
  • Supporting state efforts to increase transparency and evidence-based decision making in state health coverage policies.

MED Public Reports

The following reports have been made available by the MED Project.  Click on the title to download:

State Agencies Participating in the MED Project

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