Communicating with DERP


Center for Evidence-based Policy (the Center)

The Center is the main contact point for the DERP. Questions regarding the Project, any specific report, or update should be addressed to the Center. While we can provide information about the Project, we do not participate in local decision making.  We cannot provide any information about the local policies and decision making processes of Participating Organizations.

Please bear in mind that the Center and the EPC do not recommend or endorse any guideline or recommendation developed by users of the DERP reports.

Pharmaceutical companies desiring to communicate with the Center and EPCs regarding the Project should contact the Center first. The Center will determine the nature of the inquiry and the appropriate next steps. If the contact involves the submission of evidence, the Center will provide the information required to integrate that submission into the dossier process. Any communication with the EPCs regarding evidence will be made public. EPC staff will direct pharmaceutical inquiries to the Center.
Alison Little, MD, MPH will be responsible for responding to inquiries from pharmaceutical representatives:

Alison Little, MD, MPH
Center for Evidence-based Policy
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, SN-4N
Portland, Oregon 97239-2941
Phone:  503-494-7239
FAX:  503-494-3807

The DERP email list

The Center maintains a contact list of pharmaceutical representatives who receive information about the Project. Email communications include:

  • Timeline updates: When a new drug has been added to the Project timeline or when a deadline has changed
  • Dossier solicitations: When the Center solicits information from manufacturers about drugs included in a review
  • Public comment periods: When a public comment period begins for the draft key questions and draft reports
  • Annual industry conference: information about registration, location, agenda, etc.

If you would like to join our email list or update your current information, please email littleal@ohsu.edu with your contact information. You will be notified when you have been added to our list.

Annual Conference

The Center and EPCs will organize a conference on an annual basis for pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties. The conference goals will be to describe the current processes related to the Project, answer questions regarding these processes and provide a venue for industry representatives to suggest improvements.

The conference will be held at a time and place designated by the Center and EPCs. The Center will notify pharmaceutical companies prior to the conference of the time, place, cost and registration process.

If you would like to receive information about our annual conferences, we recommend joining our mailing list.

The Conference will be open to the public. The cost of the conference will be covered solely by registration fees. Any significant balance remaining in the conference account will be returned to participants on a pro rata basis.

The Center and EPCs reserve the right to cancel the conference if there is not sufficient registration to cover the cost of the conference. Participating organizations will be invited to attend the conference at their expense.

The proposed and actual budget for the conference will be available to the public. The list of attendees at the conference will be available upon request.