Communicating with DERP

Information for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Center for Evidence-based Policy (the Center)

The Center is the main contact point for the DERP. Please contact with any questions regarding the project, a specific report, or update.

While we can provide information about the project, we do not participate in local decision making. We cannot provide any information about the local policies or decision making processes of participating organizations. The Center and the EPC do not recommend or endorse any guideline or recommendation developed by users of the DERP reports.

The DERP email list

The Center maintains a contact list of pharmaceutical representatives who receive information about the Project. Email communications include:

  • Dossier solicitations: When the Center solicits information from manufacturers about drugs included in a review
  • Public comment periods: When a public comment period begins for the draft key questions and draft reports

If you would like to join our email list or update your current information, please contact .