Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Overview: DERP & Your Company

The Center for Evidence-based Policy (the Center) and the Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs) seek a fair and constructive relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Multiple methods are available to the pharmaceutical industry to inform the process of the Drug Effectiveness Review Project. 

The goals of the Center in relating to the industry include:

  • Obtaining the best evidence relevant to the key questions identified by the Participating Organizations for each drug class chosen.
  • Obtaining this evidence in a timely fashion.
  • Giving every pharmaceutical company an equal opportunity to provide evidence to the systematic review process.
  • Providing to participating organizations, policy makers, the public and pharmaceutical companies full disclosure of the source and content of all evidence considered in the systematic review process.
  • Providing a standardized, efficient, and open process for pharmaceutical company submission of evidence.

The Center communicates with the pharmaceutical industry via:

  • Public comment: The Center solicits public commentary on draft documents
  • Dossier submission: The Center solicits information from manufacturers about drugs included in a review.
  • Conference: The Center hosts a conference for pharmaceutical manufacturers to learn more about the Project
  • Other: The Center answers all email, telephone, mail, and other inquiries about the Project.


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