Benefits of DERP

The benefits of DERP membership include providing a collaborative network for policy makers to share information, and obtaining the best available evidence on effectiveness and safety comparisons between drugs to drive policymaking decisions. 

The following evidence & policy tools are provided to Participating Organizations:

  • Comprehensive, updated and unbiased systematic reviews regarding drug effectiveness and safety.   
  • DERP members select the drug classes for systematic review. 
  • DERP members determine the timing of updating each report. 
  • In collaboration with the EPC, DERP members determine the key questions that guide each review. These elements allow the Participating Organizations to be responsive to the needs of their individual populations.  
  • Summary documents of full systematic reviews (including executive summaries and P&T Committee briefs) that are not available to the public. 
  • Access to the DERP proprietary website that houses all DERP documents for easy, 24-hour-a-day retrieval. 
  • Monthly teleconference meetings for authors to present review findings, accompanied by a power point presentation.
  • Bi-annual in person governance meetings to share experiences, present findings, and make decisions regarding the ongoing DERP project direction.

Additionally, DERP staff provides the following services:

  • Response to all pharmaceutical company inquiries regarding the systematic review process. 
  • An on-site orientation to new Participating Organizations to introduce and explain the project to local staff and policy makers. 
  • Individual presentations at P&T Committees (for an additional fee).