The Center provides consultation, facilitation and consensus building as described below.


  • Advise policy makers and citizens on how to apply and understand the benefits and limitations of available research and how to obtain additional research where current offerings are inadequate;
  • Assist in framing research questions in a way that allows the research community to shape its work more effectively; and
  • Create the dialogue necessary for researchers to understand who policy makers are, what they do, and the kind of research that can be of assistance to them.

Develop Innovative Governance Relationships 

  • Assist communities and organizations in clearly defining problems or policy objectives on which to focus collaborative efforts;
  • Convene key participants and provide a forum for decision makers to openly exchange information, address concerns and network problem solving solutions; ·
  • Assist communities and organizations in developing principles and standards by which they will be held accountable;
  • Find (or sponsor) high quality research to inform these collaborative efforts;
  • Recruit, train and advise leaders to catalyze constructive changes in governance, and
  • Provide high quality administrative project support to create and sustain innovative collaborations among communities of interest.