The Center for Evidence-based Policy is a national leader in evidence-based decision making and policy design.We work with federal, state and local policymakers in more than 20 states to use high-quality evidence to guide decisions, maximize resources and improve health outcomes. Established in 2003, the Center works with a wide range of stakeholders to improve public policy through innovation, collaboration, and use of best evidence. 

An independent collaborative providing policymakers with the evidence they need to make informed decisions on prescription drugs.   

A collaboration of state Medicaid agencies and their partners evaluating the effectiveness, safety, and policy implications of health services and technologies.
The Center designs and implements stakeholder engagement processes to inform public policy development and decisions.
The Center works with government officials to develop policy that incorporates evidence and makes effective use of scarce resources. 

Project TEAM is dedicated to helping tribes and local governments create, implement and manage joint jurisdiction collaborations. Our goals are to improve justice outcomes while building positive community relationships.

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