Paul Tratnyek

Paul Tratnyek

Institute of Environmental Health; Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Affiliate Scientist, Center for Groundwater Research
Office: Hatfield Research Center, 3rd floor, Room 356
Phone: 503-346-3431
Website: Tratnyek Research Group


B.A., Chemistry, Williams College, 1980
Ph.D., Applied Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines, 1987


Research Interests

Pathways, kinetics, mechanisms, and other fundamental, molecular aspects of environmental oxidation-reduction reactions. The contribution of these reactions to the fate of organic substances under natural conditions, and the enhancement of these processes for application in remediation technologies. The development of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) for explaining and predicting the properties that affect environmental fate.


Selected Publications

Richard L. Johnson; James T. Nurmi; Graham S. O'Brien Johnson; Dimin Fan; Reid L. O'Brien Johnson; Zhenqing Shi; Alexandra J. Salter-Blanc; Paul G. Tratnyek; Gregory V. Lowry
Field-scale transport and transformation of carboxymethylcellulose- stabilized nano zero-valent iron
Environmental Science and Technology. 2013;47(3):1573-1580.

Dimin Fan; Roberto P. Anitori; Bradley M. Tebo; Paul G. Tratnyek; Juan S. Lezama Pacheco; Ravi K. Kukkadapu; Mark H. Engelhard; Mark E. Bowden; Libor Kovarik; Bruce W. Arey
Reductive sequestration of pertechnetate (99TcO4-) by nano zerovalent iron (nZVI) transformed by abiotic sulfide
Environmental Science and Technology. 2013;47(10):5302-5310.

Eun-Ju Kim; Kumarasamy Murugesan; Jae-Hwan Kim; Paul G. Tratnyek; Yoon-Seok Chang
Remediation of trichloroethylene by fes-coated iron nanoparticles in simulated and real groundwater: Effects of water chemistry
Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 2013;52(27):9343-9350.

Alexandra J. Salter-Blanc; Eric J. Bylaska; Julia J. Ritchie; Paul G. Tratnyek
Mechanisms and kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of the energetic nitroaromatic compounds 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN)
Environmental Science and Technology. 2013;47(13):6790-6798.

Samyoung Ahn; Tawnya D. Peterson; Jason Righter; Danielle M. Miles; Paul G. Tratnyek
Disinfection of ballast water with iron activated persulfate
Environmental Science and Technology. 2013;47(20):11717-11725.

David Turcio-Ortega; Dimin Fan; Paul G. Tratnyek; Eun-Ju Kim; Yoon-Seok Chang
Reactivity of Fe/FeS nanoparticles: Electrolyte composition effects on corrosion electrochemistry
Environmental Science and Technology. 2012;46(22):12484-12492.

Alexandra J. Salter-Blanc; Eric J. Suchomel; John H. Fortuna; James T. Nurmi; Chris Walker; Tom Krug; Suzanne O'Hara; Nancy Ruiz; Theresa Morley; Paul G. Tratnyek
Evaluation of zerovalent zinc for treatment of 1,2,3-trichloropropane-contaminated groundwater: Laboratory and field assessment
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation. 2012;32(4):42-52.

Zhenqing Shi; James T. Nurmi; Paul G. Tratnyek
Effects of nano zero-valent iron on oxidation-reduction potential
Environmental Science and Technology. 2011;45(4):1586-1592.

Alexandra J. Salter-Blanc; Paul G. Tratnyek
Effects of solution chemistry on the dechlorination of 1,2,3- trichloropropane by zero-valent zinc
Environmental Science and Technology. 2011;45(9):4073-4079.

James T. Nurmi; Vaishnavi Sarathy; Paul G. Tratnyek; Donald R. Baer; James E. Amonette; Abhi Karkamkar
Recovery of iron/iron oxide nanoparticles from solution: Comparison of methods and their effects
Journal of Nanoparticle Research. 2011;13(5):1937-1952.

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