Ninian Blackburn

Ninian Blackburn

Institute of Environmental Health and Division; Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Office: Hatfield Research Center, 3rd floor, Room 353
Phone: 503-346-3428


Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry; University of Dundee, Scotland, U.K., 1975



  • Postdoctoral studies in biophysical chemistry with Howard S. Mason at the
    Oregon Health Sciences University and Peter F. Knowles at Leeds, 1974-79
  • Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Manchester Institute
    of Science and Technology, 1979-87
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Sydney, 1987


Research Interests

Structure and function of oxidase and oxygenase metalloenzymes; spectroscopy of metal sites in proteins with emphasis on EPR, EXAFS, absorption edge, and FTIR spectroscopies; coordination chemistry and biochemistry of copper. Biochemistry of metal trafficking in cells.


Selected Publications

Robert L. Osborne; Hui Zhu; Anthony T. Iavarone; Ninian J. Blackburn; Judith P. Klinman
Interdomain long-range electron transfer becomes rate-limiting in the Y216A variant of tyramine β-monooxygenase
Biochemistry. 2013;52(7):1179-1191.

Chelsey D. Kline; Mary Mayfield; Ninian J. Blackburn
HHM motif at the CuH-Site of peptidylglycine monooxygenase is a pH-dependent conformational switch
Biochemistry. 2013;52(15):2586-2596.

Adenike Otoikhian; Amanda N. Barry; Mary Mayfield; Mark Nilges; Yiping Huang; Svetlana Lutsenko; Ninian J. Blackburn
Lumenal loop M672-P707 of the menkes protein (ATP7A) transfers copper to peptidylglycine monooxygenase
Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012;134(25):10458-10468.

Kelly N. Chacón; Ninian J. Blackburn
Stable Cu(II) and Cu(I) mononuclear intermediates in the assembly of the CuA center of thermus thermophilus cytochrome oxidase
Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2012;134(39):16401-16412.

Tiffany D. Mealman; Ninian J. Blackburn; Megan M. McEvoy
Metal Export by CusCFBA, the Periplasmic Cu(I)/Ag(I) Transport System of Escherichia coli
Current Topics in Membranes. 2012;69:163-196.

Tiffany D. Mealman; Mowei Zhou; Trisiani Affandi; Kelly N. Chacón; Mariana E. Aranguren; Ninian J. Blackburn; Vicki H. Wysocki; Megan M. McEvoy
N-Terminal region of CusB is sufficient for metal binding and metal transfer with the metallochaperone CusF
Biochemistry. 2012;51(34):6767-6775.

Luciano A. Abriata; Damián Álvarez-Paggi; Gabriela N. Ledesma; Ninian J. Blackburn; Alejandro J. Vila; Daniel H. Murgida
Alternative ground states enable pathway switching in biological electron transfer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2012;109(43):17348-17353.

Gnana S. Siluvai; Michiko Nakano; Mary Mayfield; Ninian J. Blackburn
The essential role of the Cu(II) state of Sco in the maturation of the CuA center of cytochrome oxidase: Evidence from H135Met and H135SeM variants of the Bacillus subtilis Sco
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 2011;16(2):285-297.

Amanda N. Barry; Adenike Otoikhian; Sujata Bhatt; Ujwal Shinde; Ruslan Tsivkovskii; Ninian J. Blackburn; Svetlana Lutsenko
The lumenal loop Met 672-Pro 707 of copper-transporting ATPase ATP7A binds metals and facilitates copper release from the intramembrane sites
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2011;286(30):26585-26594.

Andrew T. Bauman; Brenda A. Broers; Chelsey D. Kline; Ninian J. Blackburn
A copper-methionine interaction controls the pH-dependent activation of peptidylglycine monooxygenase
Biochemistry. 2011;50(50):10819-10828.


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