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Interested in Contributing to Stem Cell Research?

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Interested in contributing to Stem Cell research?

IRB 3892 (PI: Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov)

Oregon Health & Science University is recruiting women to donate eggs to a research study. The study is evaluating new techniques for creating embryonic stem cell lines. To qualify, you should be between the ages of 21 and 35, be in good general health, and be willing to travel to OHSU for up to 12 clinic visits over a 2-month period.

Interested candidates will undergo medical, physiological and psychological screening to determine eligibility. Participants will also be required to take hormones to stimulate the development of oocytes (eggs). The oocyte retrieval procedure will be performed by physicians at the OHSU Department of Reproductive Endocrinology in Portland, Oregon. There are risks involved in this process.

Researchers will review all potential risks and side effects before you begin the study.

Qualified participants will receive at no cost:

  • A full physical exam
  • Compensation for time and travel of up to $5000 for the 2-month period of the study

Who do I contact for additional information?

To find out more information and to learn if you are qualified to participate, fill out the online form or call the Women s Health Research Unit confidential recruitment line, or call 503 494-3666.