Technologists and Nurses

Vascular and Interventional Education Days

Since 2004, the Charles T. Dotter Department of Interventional Radiology has organized yearly Vascular and Interventional Education Days for technologists and nurses.

The goal: update technologists and nurses about recent developments in interventional treatment.

The two-day course is led by highly experienced interventionalists, specialists, technologists and nurses from Charles T. Dotter Department of Interventional Radiology and other Oregon hospitals.

The course covers such foundational topics as radiation safety, patient care, pain control during procedures and prevention of complications as well as such cutting-edge areas as new interventional treatments of vascular heart disease, liver disease, and stroke; interventions in trauma and venous diseases;new techniques for cancer treatment;and updates on neuro-interventions and embolization. The two-day event is further enriched with exhibitors from companies offering the best in emerging technology.

Twelve hours of category A continuing education credit are available to meeting registrants.

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Vascular and Interventional Education Days 2017 Program

Friday, October 13

Safety and Sedation – Moderator: K. Farsad

  • Radiation safety in angiography – T. Griglock
  • Best tests for bleeding risks with percutaneous interventions – T. DeLoughery
  • Update on novel oral anticoagulants – T. DeLoughery
  • Sedation for interventional procedures – E. Guimaraes

Procedural Essentials - Moderator: K. Farsad

  • Pre-procedural work up: what I need to know – R. Barton
  • IV contrast and renal injury/protection – R. Schenni
  • Rational antibiotic use for IR procedures – K. Kolbeck

Cardiovascular - Moderator: K. Farsad

  • Critical Limb Ischemia: Treatment concepts and goals – L. Hall
  • Robotics in IR – R. Al-Hakim
  • Structural Cardiology: Are we at the end of our limits already? – S. Gupta
  • Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support: What, Where, When, Why & How – S. Gupta

Infectious Disease Essentials - Moderator: K. Farsad

  • Occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens: what you need to know! – C. Pfeiffer
  • Infection Prevention in the Procedural Suites – Pearls and Pitfalls – C. Pfeiffer

Saturday, October 14

Neurointerventions – Moderator: R. Priest

  • Neuro: approach to the Neuro IR patient – R. Priest
  • Neuro: carotid stenting – R. Garcia
  • Neuro: stroke update – M. Horikawa
  • Neuro: spine interventions – J. Liu

Venous interventions –Moderator: K. Farsad

  • Dialysis fistula interventions: complications – K. Kolbeck
  • Intervention for acute DVT: current status – K. Farsad
  • Treatment of PE and the concept of PERT – K. Farsad
  • Varicocele embolization – F. Keller

Transarterial therapies –Moderator: F. Keller

  • Approach to the bleeding patient – F. Keller
  • Oncology: transarterial therapies – K. Lee
  • Geniculate artery embolization: Hemarthrosis and Arthritis – K. Lee