Young Workers

Young warehouse worker killed by backing forklift (published April 2008)

Logger killed by 41-foot pole sliding down steep hill (published October 2007)

Novice drywall installer dies in 7-foot fall from scaffolding (published June 2007)

Nursery laborer killed in skid-steer loader (published August 2005)

Farm driver overturns truck in irrigation ditch and drowns (published August 2005)

Sawmill worker crushed during debarker maintenance (published March 2005)

Young camp counselor killed when cannon bursts to pieces (published August 2004)

Roofer’s family member helping at worksite dies after falling through skylight (published July 2004)

Hispanic Workers

Logger killed under rigging when carriage drops (published April 2011)

Temporary mill worker killed in fall down manlift shaft (published September 2010)

Novice drywall installer dies in 7-foot fall from scaffold (published June 2007)

Bulldozer movement kills operator standing on track (published May 2006)

Parked forklift crushes operator against semi-trailer (published September 2005)

Hispanic Laborer drowns after falling into landscaping pond (published July 2004)

Fires and Explosions

Mechanic killed pouring gasoline on fire (published September 2008)

Worker killed in wood-dust fire sparked by faulty fuse (published February 2006)

Shipyard welder ignites hydraulic fluid and is fatally burned (published July 2004)

Permit-required Confined Space

Mechanic dies from lack of oxygen in transport tank (published May 2005)



Highway worker crushed by swinging backhoe boom (published January 2009)

Vehicle strikes utility worker in short-duration work zone (published November 2004)