Summer Internships

2014 Summer Internship Program Details

Summer Student Research Awards are three-month paid summer internships designed to introduce college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to various fields of biomedical and occupational health research. Interns will potentially be able to work with over twenty scientists conducting cutting-edge research at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences.  The hands-on laboratory or field experience will add a valuable dimension to your education. Women, members of historically underrepresented groups, and economically and educationally disadvantaged applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

A PDF version of the flyer outlining the program is available.

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If you have been accepted an intern position here at the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences for the summer, please be sure to take the online training as soon as possible.

Have more questions? Visit the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences' Students Research Awards Frequently Asked Questions page.

2013 Summer Interns

The Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences expresses its appreciation to all applicants for its 2013 summer intern program. Here are the 2013 Summer Interns.

Darcy Gurley, University of Portland, Portland, OR  -  Anger Lab
Nicholas Shea, Willamette University, Salem, OR – Anger Lab
Dana Everett, Portland State University, Portland, OR - Hammer Lab
Megan Davis, Stanford University, Stanford, CA - Kretzschmar Lab
Daniel Tshala, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR - Kretzschmar Lab
Rossmary Marquez, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR - Kuehl Lab
Jordan Feist, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR – Lloyd Lab
Jaeda Patton, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY - McCullough Lab
Natasha Gulati, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA - Olson Lab
Uche Uba, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  –  Olson Lab
Laura Jeddeloh, Scripps College, Claremont, CA – Rohlman Lab

Omar Pandhair, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX - Turker Lab

*As usual, all of the students chosen for the internship program are Oregon residents or attend Oregon schools.

See the 2013 Summer Intern Page.  See pictures from the 2012 Summer Intern Page, 2011 poster session, 2010 poster session, 2009 poster session, 2008 poster session, 2007 poster session or 2006 poster session.

2013 Summer Intern Poster Session

Summer Interns 2013
Daniel Tshala Explains poster to Dr. Shea
Laura Jeddeloh presented award by Dr. Shea
Dana Elliott explains research
Summer Intern Poster Session
Jordan Feist with mentors
Uche Uba discuss research with Dr. Kent Anger
Dr. Mitch Turker and Dana Everett discuss her research
Efran Alanso Cid receives award
Darcy Gurley discusses her research