Desire Tshala-Katumbay, M.D., Ph.D., FANA

Email: tshalad@ohsu.edu


  • Staff Scientist, CROET
  • Associate Professor of Neurology, OHSU School of Medicine
  • Visiting Professor of Neurology, Kinshasa School of Medicine, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Office: RJH 1501A

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Dr. Tshala-Katumbay earned his M.D. degree (Neurology) from the University of Kinshasa, Zaire, and a Ph.D. degree (Neurology) from the University of Uppsala in the city of Uppsala, Sweden, with additional training in Global Health.  He has developed expertise in tropical neurology and neuro-epidemiology, clinical neurotoxicology, and experimental neurotoxicolgy.  Dr. Tshala-Katumbay has worked with international academic institutions to address issues related to biomedical research in resource-limited sub-Saharan Africa. He has developed a good understanding of the principles and pitfalls in international aid, collaboration, and health interventions.  Dr. Tshala-Katumbay is involved with IBRO — the International Brain Research Organization, an umbrella organization of the societies for neurosciences — to lecture on neuroscience topics and mentor students with interest in global partnership in sciences (see www.gnfsite.net).

His current lines of research focus on: (1) dissecting mechanisms of neurodegeneration using chemical (toxic) probes, (2) elucidating the role of diet-toxic exposure-gene interactions in neurodegenerative diseases, and (3) developing a technique for a neuron-specific delivery of small molecules with putative protective properties, to the nervous system.