Faculty & Staff

Joan Rothlein, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate, CROET

Research Interests

The focus of my research has been on environmental and occupational chemical and health surveillance. At CROET, we have developed a Chemical Surveillance Program which collects databases describing incidences of human exposure and adverse health effects. Using GIS technology, the distribution of chemicals can be displayed on maps and analyzed as demonstrated in our study on hazardous ranking of industrial emissions based on chronic toxicity and neighborhood demographics.

Research focused on pesticides have included studying pesticide exposure among migrant farmworkers and orchard owners and developing methods for reducing pesticide exposure in children of those families, investigating the relationship between incidences of breast cancer in Oregon and environmental chemicals such as the organochlorines, and designing the Oregon Pesticide Use Reporting System (OPURS): http://oregon.gov/ODA/PEST/docs/pdf/anreview.pdf

Other areas of research activities include developing a health risk assessment for local divers exposed to contaminated water in a Superfund site and new methods of surveillance using workers’ compensation databases


Dr. Rothlein received her doctoral degree in Biochemistry from the University of California in Santa Barbara. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow and later a Research Associate at the Medical School at Yale University. She studied the role of protein phosphorylation in its regulation of synaptic-vesicle packaging in cholinergic systems and transport and transmitter release of neurotransmitters using biochemical and electrophysiological techniques and video-enhanced microscopic imaging.



Selected Publications

Rothlein, J., Rohlman, D., Lasarev, M., Sanatana, J., and McCauley, L. (2006) Organophosphate exposure and neurobehavioral performance among agricultural and non-agricultural Hispanic workers. Environ. Health Persp. 114:691-696. Abstract

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Lambert, W.E., Lasarev, M., Muniz, J, Scherer, J., Rothlein, J. Santana, J., and McCauley, L. (2005) Variation in organophosphate pesticide metabolites in urine of children living in agricultural communities. Environ. Health Persp. 113:504-508.

McCauley L.A., Michaels, S., Rothlein, J., Muniz J., Lasarev, M.R., Ebbert C. (2003). Pesticide exposure and self-reported home hygiene practices in agricultural families. Am. Assoc. Occup. Health Nurses J. 51:1-8.

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Rothlein, J. E., and Austin, D. (2001) Environmental risk factors of breast cancer. Presented at: Western Regional Epidemiology Network, Ashland Oregon.