Faculty & Staff

Gregory Higgins, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, CROET
Director, Chemical Risk Information Service, CROET
Principal Investigator, Technical Support Core C2, NIEHS-supported Toxicogenomics Research Consortium

Research Interests

Research activities are focused primarily in three areas; the investigation of pesticide exposures among agricultural workers within the state of Oregon, the development of analytical methods for neurotoxic organochlorine solvents, and the development of quality assurance methods and protocols for toxicogenomics-oriented research. We are examining blood cholinesterase levels, urinary metabolite levels, and house dust organophosphate pesticide residue levels in migrant worker populations and their families, with special emphasis on how these may impact the health of children. I also serve as PI of the technical support core on the NIEHS-supported Toxicogenomics Research Center, and as director of the Chemical Risk Information Service, a CROET service that provides safety information and MSDSs to industrial clients within Oregon and adjoining states.


Dr. Higgins received his doctoral degree in Toxicology/Biomedical Sciences from Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. He was Technical and Safety Director for over 10 years at Systech Environmental Corporation, a major hazardous waste management company based in Dayton. More recently, he served as Corporate Health and Safety Manager and Senior Toxicologist for Hart Crowser, Inc., an environmental consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington. He has extensive experience in analytical chemistry techniques, workplace safety, and industrial hygiene services. Dr. Higgins has performed numerous workplace safety evaluations, including measurements of air contaminants, and has developed comprehensive safety plans and manuals for use in the construction, cement, waste management, and chemical processing industries.



Chemical Risk Information Service

NIEHS-supported Toxicogenomics Research Consortium

Selected Publications

Higgins, G.M., Muniz, J., and McCauley, L. (2001) Monitoring Acetylcholinesterase levels in migrant agricultural workers and thier children using a portable test kit. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 7, 35-49.