Washington All-Payer Claims Database

In 2015, the Washington legislature initiated a statewide all-payers health care claims database (APCD) as a public resource for improving delivery of health care across the state. The WA-APCD is administered by Washington's Office of Financial Management through its lead organization, the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness, with data services provided by Onpoint Health Data

Visit us here or join the WA-APCD listserv for updates on reporting requirements, governance, and more as the program moves from vision to reality.

First provider review & reconsideration period starts March 30 -- register your practice now

Performance metrics for primary-care practices, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers will be shared with the public when WA-APCD public reporting begins in summer 2018. These providers can register now to review their scores and patient attributions during the 30-day review & reconsideration period starting March 30. Email the WA-APCD team for an invitation.

Upcoming timeline and events

March 15, 2018

Data Release Advisory Committee meeting

March 22, 2018

Data Enclave Development Workshop (for state agencies)

March 30, 2018

30-day Provider Review and Reconsideration period opens 

April 26, 2018

Data Policy Advisory Committee meeting

April 29, 2018

Provider Review and Reconsideration period closes

May 3, 2018

Data Release Advisory Committee meeting

July 1, 2018

Launch of WA-APCD website, Washington HealthCareCompare