South Dakota health study team hits the prairie again, this time with data

05/21/15  Portland, Ore.

Research team shares findings with South Dakotans on stakeholder dissemination trip

Following a two-year in-depth survey of the state's behavioral health needs, CHSE's South Dakota Health Study team went on site again this week, disseminating findings to stakeholders in two cities.

The Oregon team, including OHSU Senior Vice President Norwood Knight-Richardson, CHSE Director John McConnell, and other study leaders, met with South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard at the state capitol as well as with nearly 100 county- and state-level service providers, epidemiologists, and hospital leaders in Pierre and Sioux Falls. Stakeholders were enthusiastic about having county-level data on a host of behavioral-health-related metrics for the first time.

A report of survey results, Focus on South Dakota: A Picture of Health, was released in mid-May. Both report and study were funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust.