CHSE demos reproducible research coding with R's "knitr" tool

07/22/15  Portland, Ore.

Data and coding transparency are where we're headed, analysts say

Both internal and external levers are pushing researchers toward greater transparency in coding and data management, the CHSE analyst team told a group of OHSU researchers at today's "Reproducible Research with R's knitr Package" seminar at the Vollum.

Ben Chan, Stephanie Renfro and Thomas Meath, all CHSE statistician/analysts, demonstrated a number of the ways that R and its markdown system allow coders to create output files that seamlessly join programming code, data, coding comments, and output while describing the advantages of these workflows.

Not only are many prestigious journals now requesting open access to data sets and code, but analysts also benefit from the comprehensive documentation any time they need to redo an analysis or trace back their steps.

Documents from the seminar are available here: