CHSE begins evaluation of hospital quality improvement program

01/22/16  Portland, Ore.

CMS-sponsored initiative aims to build both immediate and long-term QI capacity

Recognizing the role hospitals play in health-systems transformation, the 2013 Oregon Legislature initiated a pay-for-performance program aimed at improving quality of care in the 28 of the state's largest hospitals. This initiative, labeled the Hospital Transformation Performance Program, offers financial incentives to hospitals that improve their performance on 11 quality metrics over a two-year period.  

The Oregon Health Authority enlisted CHSE to evaluate the program's effect on the 11 key metrics, which range from hospital-acquired infection rates to patient experience ratings. The team will also assess the extent to which HTPP resulted in investments and changes within hospitals aimed at improving quality and measurement capacities. CHSE will use data provided by Apprise Health Insights to model changes and analyze factors affecting success; the Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education will provide qualitative insights.

The project will compare data from the baseline year (October 2013 to September 2014) and a performance year (October 2014 –September 2015) during which improvement efforts were underway. During the first year, hospitals received $150 million in incentive payments for submitting data;another $150 million is available for hospitals meeting pre-established benchmarks or improvement targets during the performance year. Funding is provided through the state by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.