Cardiac management study cited in New York Times

02/17/15  Portland, Ore.

Study looked at use of "Lean" approaches in cardiac centers

CHSE economist John McConnell's article in JAMA Internal Medicine garnered the attention of "The Upshot" columnist Austin Frakt in his recent piece, "In Hospitals, Board Rooms are as Important as Operating Rooms."

The original JAMA article looked at variations in management among hospital cardiac care units and their relationship with care quality indicators, including 30-day mortality.  

Of particular interest to the authors was whether adoption of management practices from the manufacturing and technology sectors, such as Toyota's "lean" system, improved care. They found that, indeed, cardiac units incorporating these approaches did better on both process quality-of-care measures and on 30-day mortality outcomes.  

Frakt used the study to bolster his argument that hospital leadership, including board members and CEOs, play as large a role as clinicians in determining care quality. 

Richard Lindrooth, Douglas Wholey, Thomas Maddox, and Nick Bloom coauthored the original JAMA study.  

Read the Frakt piece.