Progress, obstacles in behavioral health integration

03/19/15  Portland, Ore.

March 19 Mitch Dinner looks at CCOs' headway toward integrating physical, mental/behavioral health care

Integration of behavioral and physical health care for Oregon's Medicaid recipients is moving forward, a group of panelists told the "Mitch dinner" crowd at CHSE's March 19 event. But, while Oregon's coordinated care organizations are test-driving many promising integration models, they still face formidable logistical and financial obstacles to realizing integrated care.

Panelists were Deborah Cohen, PhD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine at OHSU; Robin Henderson, PsyD, Chief Behavioral Health Officer and Vice President of Strategic Integration with St. Charles Health System; and Alan Teo, MD, MS, Core Investigator and Staff Psychiatrist, VA Portland Health Care System, and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, OHSU