CHSE's CCO research featured in JAMA Internal Medicine

02/20/17  Portland, Ore.

Paper assesses Oregon CCO outcomes at 2-year mark

CHSE CCO research featured in JAMA Internal Medicine

What has Oregon's coordinated-care transformation of its Medicaid program done so far to change utilization, cost, quality, and access to health care services? CHSE compared data from the pre- and post-CCO eras (2012-2014) to analyze changes, teaming with partners at University of Colorado to compare Oregon's outcomes with those from Colorado's Regional Care Collaborative Organizations. These RCCOs developed during the same time span with many similar strategies but without Oregon's global budgets and commitment to a fixed 3.4% growth rate.

The findings, published in the February 13 JAMA Internal Medicine, are one of the first and most comprehensive looks at the outcomes of Oregon's attempt to reconfigure its health service delivery systems.