CHSE to lead construction of new Washington APCD

10/12/16  Portland, Ore.

State picks CHSE, Onpoint Health Data to implement APCD legislation

CHSE will lead a team of partners to build a new all-payer claims database for the state of Washington, the 13th in the nation.

CHSE and partners--Onpoint Health Data, a non-profit data aggregator based in Maine, and Forum One, a communications and website firm with a Seattle branch-- prevailed in a three-stage competitive procurement process with the Washington's Office of Financial Management for the five-year, $5.5 million contract. 

All-payer claims databases (APCDs) typically gather health care claims from all payers in the state including commercial insurers, which are mandated by state law to report, and public programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Washington passed legislation for creating the database in 2015.

Rules for use of the data vary by state, but typically include analysis by state agencies and researchers for purposes of improving health care provision and comparing quality and costs within states' health care systems. 

Twelve other states, including Oregon, currently have comprehensive APCDs, according to the APCD council. Several other states have efforts underway or have voluntary APCD efforts in place. 

For the Washington APCD, CHSE's role will include recruiting Washington stakeholders for two data-governance committees, overseeing data collection by Onpoint, and working with Forum One to design a website to communicate the project to the public. CHSE Senior Fellow Bruce Goldberg, a longtime healthcare-reform leader and public servant in Oregon, will spearhead CHSE's work in collaboration with the sponsoring team in Washington.

Washington is funding the project through a combination of federal funds supporting health systems reform and price transparency, including Cycle 3 and Cycle 4 rate-reviews and State Innovation Model (SIM) grants. 

"We're excited to work with the State of Washington and to help them pursue their goals of better health, better care, and lower costs," said CHSE Director John McConnell.