Evaluating CCOs

Answering tough questions about health systems can be daunting. We all know why our health systems must improve, but getting at how is another story. When these tough questions go unanswered, we risk losing important information that could help us move toward better care, better health and lower cost.

Oregon's approach to health system improvement has led to the development of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). There is a lot of national attention on Oregon's methods, and many people are looking to the state as an example. However, many questions still linger. To help answer the hows of CCOs, we need experts with clear insights into Oregon's healthcare experience, a history of relationship building across the state, and a strong foundation of experience working with local organizations.

At the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE), we aim to utilize our knowledge and experience with the Oregon health system to answer the hows of Oregon's Medicaid Transformation. Our focus will be on understanding how capitation payment and spending cuts affect quality of care and payment rates, and how CCOs meet the unique needs of their community.

To do this, we will ask CCO representatives to participate in the qualitative component of our study. In this part of the study, we hope to observe their key innovative approaches for providing care, and interview CCO stakeholders to elicit their specific experiences with transformation. The time required for participation will be minimal, and we believe that gaining a more clear understanding of the hows involved with transformation will be an important step to moving forward in a changing system.

If you are interested in our work, or specifically with being involved with our study of CCOs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!


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