About Us

An economic perspective on delivery systems

About-page-patient&clinician"Health systems research" is a broad umbrella encompassing inquiry through multiple lenses, from the granular details of clinical practice to state and national policy.

CHSE's focus is on large scale, aggregate interactions between different elements of health care delivery systems.We take a broad economic and policy perspective on service delivery questions, using a quantitative toolkit of large dataset analyses and econometric methods.

Located in Oregon, a national hotbed of service delivery experimentation, CHSE has access to the Oregon All Payer All Claims database, state Medicaid data, and related datasets, affording our group rich resources for examining the outcomes of various health care reform strategies.Our consulting work with the Oregon Health Authority on issues such as health care workforce needs and data analysis gives us additional valuable insight into the state's delivery systems.

Our work dovetails with that of other OHSU groups addressing different types of health services research. Our colleagues at the Evidence-based Practice Center and Center for Evidence-based Policy focus on evaluating the effectiveness of different treatment approaches (comparative effectiveness research) and on advising policy makers on implementing research into practice, respectively.

Turning the lens inward

In addition to our academic work on external health systems, CHSE's skills are harnessed to improve service delivery closer to home, within the OHSU health care system. Our analysts partner with OHSU hospital clinical teams to examine delivery practices and improve quality and efficiency.

Building a community of researchers

An additional founding goal for the center was to build a platform whereby researchers and analysts at OHSU and in the greater state community could come together to share information and techniques. CHSE has fostered this community through on-campus events, panels and presentations open to colleagues around the region and, soon, conferences that share data on Oregon's health care reforms.


CHSE's team consists of three health economists, five masters-level statistical programmer/analysts, three project-specific research assistants, and a program coordinator. Team members have experience drawing from large data sources including the Oregon All Payer All Claims database, Medicare and Medicaid data, and other public and commercial datasets.The center works from its own secure, dedicated server hosted at OHSU's Advanced Computing Center.


The Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE) was chartered as an OHSU research entity in 2011. Its founding followed discussion of the need for greater coordination between the university's diverse community of health services researchers, as well as the desire to connect with collaborators at neighboring institutions such as Portland State University, Oregon State University, the Providence Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) and the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.

CHSE leadership structure