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Brenden-Colson offers Continuing Medical Education with expertise on pancreatic cancer - Friday, Sept 14

Primary care and cancer care providers, surgeons, gastroenterologists:  You know the statistics for pancreatic cancer are dismal. But there are things you can do to improve your patient's prognosis. In this conference, OHSU and guest faculty will provide an overview of the latest screening criteria, early detection and diagnosis technologies, and treatment options for this devastating disease, along with how current research is translating into clinical care. Details here.


Brenden-Colson Center Forms New Partnership with Immunovia

The Brenden-Colson Center and the Knight Diagnostic Laboratory have formed a new partnership with Immunovia, a Swedish based company, to test their pancreatic cancer early diagnosis assay. Read more about the partnership in our press release here.

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OHSU Named a National Pancreas Foundation Center

OHSU and the Brenden-Colson Center have received National Pancreas Foundation Center designation.  Read more here.