Aaron Doud

Research Assistant II

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Aaron graduated from the University of Portland with a B.S. in Physics in 2013. He then moved to Southern California to pursue his M.S. in Medical Physics from San Diego State University. After obtaining his degree in 2015, he packed back up to the Northwest to be among the trees and the rain. His current project involves MRI to study the brain in regards to Alzheimer's. Outside of work, Aaron enjoys the theatre, music, video games, and Seattle sports teams.

Publications: Barbara J. Breen, Aaron B. Doud, Jamie R.Grimm, Andrew H. Tanasse, Stuart J. Tanasse, John F. Lindner, and Katsuo J.Maxted, "Electronic and Mechanical Realizations ofOne-way Coupling in One and Two Dimensions" Phys.Rev. E 83, 037601 –Published 3 March 2011