InfoEd & ePPQ

InfoEd Training

InfoEd's Proposal Development module is required for preparing grants.gov and non-grants.gov submissions that go through the Office of Proposal and Award Management (OPAM). The electronic Proposed Project Questionnaire (ePPQ) is completed within InfoEd for both grants.gov and non-grants.gov submissions.

Walk step-by-step through the process of creating and routing an NIH R01 proposal in this hands-on computer lab course. Learn to prepare and route non-R01 proposals as well. After building the proposal, you will learn to complete and appropriately route an electronic Proposed Project Questionnaire (ePPQ).


All levels: anyone in the Research Mission who submits proposals and/or ePPQs.


3.5 hours, offered bi-monthly.

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Please Note
ePPQ has been required since January 1, 2013 for all projects routing through Office of Proposal and Award Management . This does not include clinical trials submissions through Clinical Trials Office or industry funding through Technology Transfer and Business Develpment.
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Electronic Submission

Grants.gov is the electronic submission system utilized by all federal agencies. OHSU's Office of Proposal and Award Management (OPAM) is your conduit for access, policy, and resources for InfoEd.

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